Delhi 2 Dublin live at the Commodore Ballroom March 8, 2014

photo credit: MykroFilm

Delhi 2 Dublin has played top festivals in Canada, the UK and the U.S. and, in 2011, expanded its horizons to include performances in the Pacific Rim and Europe. A new album and new international touring opportunities all signal that originality and evolution are all part of the Delhi 2 Dublin experience. Described by one magazine as the “United Nations of rock ‘n’ roll”, they have become one of Canada’s most buzzed-about bands. This year will only see them enhancing that reputation. After all…where else are you going to see a kick-ass fiddle player rocking out with a kilt-wearing Korean flanked by two bouncing Bhangra percussionists and a vocalist who looks like he would be at home in a Bollywood music video?

D2D’s latest full-length album, Turn Up The Stereo, was released August 28th 2012 in Canada and February 19th 2013 internationally, followed up with Turn Up The Stereo: Remixed in the summer of 2013.


  • 2008 – Delhi 2 Dublin
  • 2009 – Remixed
  • 2010 – Planet Electric
  • 2011 – Planet: Electrified
  • 2011 – Delhi 2 Dubland
  • 2012 – Turn Up The Stereo
  • 2013 – Turn Up The Stereo: Remixed

The band:

Official members:

  • Tarun Nayar – tabla, electronics
  • Sanjay Seran – vox
  • Ravi Binning – dhol, dholak

Live performers:

  • Andrew Kim – electric sitar, guitar
  • Sara Fitzpatrick – fiddle
  • Jaron Freeman-Fox – fiddle