May 14th

Summer fests!

Did we mention we’re playing some amazing festivals across the continent this summer?! We’ve even got a houseparty in the forest at Tall Tree… Check them all out here! 


Apr 17th

California dreaming + Portland tonight!


Mar 17th

Watch our new video on Exclaim! & free single for TumbiWOW

Watch the video for our new single, TumbiWOW! Created by Callista Haggis, Josli Rockafella & Farzine MacRae (with the help of a whole lot of other amazing friends & family!)

Download the single for FREE here.

Mar 13th

It’s all happening so fast

TumbiWOW music video teaser

NEW single off NEW album (release date August 25, 2015) has a NEW video coming out on St. Patty’s day! Peek the teaser. WOW!


Feb 18th

We’ve got a new album coming out!!!!

Yep you heard us!

New music. For the first time in over 2 years. And there’s a new single available right now. Get it when you pre-order the album from PledgeMusic! You’ll also get weekly updates, upcoming unreleased singles and videos, and access to hilarious stuff like, um, a ride in the Delhi 2 Dublin canoe. Yep, for real.



Delhi 2 Dublin on new single exclusively PledgeMusic

Get the new single now when you pre-order the album (release date: August 2015) over at Pledge.