#repost [Sounds of Society youtube]

“I thought when I looked them up on YouTube, I would need to prepare some kind of party song”

A great mix of Celtic, electronic, bhangra, reggae and dub sounds representing the new #SoundsOfSociety – Delhi 2 Dublin are a great fit for the ethos of the series. Though born & brought up in Canada, their roots are deeply grounded in Punjabi music and culture…something, which the rising classical and folk singer Jatinder discovers when he jams with them on the second episode for Sounds of Society, bringing out a different avatar and flavour to their sound.

Artists: Delhi 2 Dublin - Tarun Nayar, Ravi Binning, James Hussain, Serena Eades & Jatinder Singh
An Urban Beat Project Production, Conceptualized by Blue Frog Media Pvt Ltd