We’re All Desi

Title : We're All Desi
Release Date : September 18, 2015
Catalog ref. : D2D009
Format : CD
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Westwood Recordings is proud to present “We’re All Desi” – the latest studio album from Delhi 2 Dublin. Inspired by their favourite Bollywood records of the 70s and their love of bass music, the acclaimed live electronic act has teamed up with producer Nick Middleton (of The Funk Hunters) to create their strongest offering yet.

Eschewing the sterility of clinical song writing, “We’re All Desi” was born out of organic jam sessions in D2D’s rehearsal space. But it wasn’t until these ideas entered Middleton’s studio that they truly started to take shape as they found their modern electronic backbone – a unifying component found across the album and the signature of the new D2D sound.

The result is a mashup of electronic and acoustic. Of East and West. True to the veteran band’s origins, and blazing into new lyrical and sonic territory, “We’re All Desi” is a battle call for a quickening world – more truth, more smiles… and a lot more bass.

desi | ‘dāsē | (also deshi | ‘dāSHē |) Indian

local; indigenous; derived from Sanskrit meaning “one from our country”

a person of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan or Nepalese birth or descent who lives abroad

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