Turn Up The Stereo: Remixed

Title : Turn Up The Stereo: Remixed
Release Date : February 18, 2014
Catalog ref. : D2D-007
Format : Digital Download


Featuring 9 remixes by various artists and producers of tracks off “Turn Up The Stereo”:
1. Turn Up the Stereo (Chrome Rock Remix)
2. Turn Up the Stereo (Dave Sharma Remix)
3. Lighta (Knight Riderz Vip Remix)
4. Lighta (B.R.E.E.D Remix)
5. Revolution (Timothy Wisdom Remix)
6. Strength of a Lion (Tigerstyle Remix)
7. Turn Up the Stereo (Sol Rising Remix)
8. Turn Up the Stereo (Tarun Nayar Remix)
9. Turn Up the Stereo (Mochipet Remix)