Planet: Electrified

Title : Planet: Electrified
Release Date : April 26, 2011
Catalog ref. : D2D-004
Format : CD

A result of the the Delhi 2 Dublin’s favourite producers remixing their last album, Planet Electric. Includes tracks by Gaudi, Poirier, Adham Shaikh, Shiva Sound System, Sub Swara plus more. Planet: Electrified also includes the new song ‘Give it Away’.

1. Give it Away
2. Tommy (Sonicanimation Remix)
3. Raise It Up (Gaudi’s Remix)
4. Master Crowley (Master Crowley vs Mr. Chowlia Remix)
5. Harmonizin (Jay Dabhi’s Lailat al Miraj Remix)
6. The Happy Track (Radiohiro’s Remix)
7. The Answer (Poirier Soca Chutney Remix)
8. Laughing Buddha (Sub Swara Remix)
9. S.O.S. (Adham Shaikh Critical Bass Remix)
10. Bodega Ridge, Pt. 2 (Kashoo Remix)
11. Tommy (Shiva Sound System’s Tommy Gun Remix)