Delhi 2 Dublin: LIVE

Title : Delhi 2 Dublin: LIVE
Release Date : July 15, 2014
Catalog ref. : D2D-008
Format : CD

Recorded at Vancouver’s iconic Commodore Ballroom on the band’s 8th anniversary in March of 2014, this is the definitive Delhi 2 Dublin live experience, captured in its entirety.

Energetic, eclectic, and at times outrageous, this album features over 70 minutes of global mashups with special guests Jaron Freeman-Fox (fiddle, guitar) and Andrew Kim (electric sitar).

Featuring tracks off various albums:

1. Our House
2. Ve Mundeya
3. The Happy Track
4. Dil Nachde
5. Tommy
6. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
7. The Evolution
8. The Answer
9. Harmonizin
10. Brotherly Love
11. Master Crowley
12. Code Red
13. Revolution
14. Turn Up The Stereo
15. Laughing Buddha vs The Happy Track
16. Apples