Delhi 2 Dubland EP

Title : Delhi 2 Dubland EP
Release Date : September 13, 2011
Catalog ref. : D2D-005
Format : Digital Download

We decided to have some fun this summer and release an EP of collaborations and remixes, all on the reggae and dubwise tip. We hope you enjoy ’em as much as we do!

1. The Evolution feat. OKA (Delhi 2 Dublin’s Down Under Mix)
2. S.O.S. (Eccodek’s Dubslide Remix)
3. Magic feat. Grand Analog
4. I Wanna Give You Love feat. Jacob Cino
5. Get On The Bus (Dubmatix Journeys Remix)
6. Bodega Ridge (The Spy from Cairo’s Bodega via Cairo Remix)
7. Bodega Ridge Part 1 (Taal Mala Remix)
8. Bodega Ridge Part 2 (Taal Mala Remix)