Back to India, back to the motherland

Remixed album just released

We’re All Desi: Remixed digitally released today on Westwood Recordings. Following up on the 2015 studio album, We’re All Desi, Westwood has compiled a 14-track remix release from an international cast of acclaimed producers. Each called upon to reinterpret D2D’s sound in their own unique style, the result is an remix album as varied as the sound of Delhi 2 Dublin itself. A celebration of East and West. A battle call for a quickening world – more truth, more smiles…and a lot more bass.

“We’re All Desi” gets 5/5

October 21, 2015 – THE MANITOBIAN

“This album is loud as hell and all the better because of it.

To introduce world music collective Delhi 2 Dublin’s latest album We’re All Desi in such a manner might seem rude, even trite. Even if it is, it’s still a significant part of what makes this album so instantly engaging. We’re All Desi is by no means easy-listening music. This is the album you put on when you’re ready to party, hit the gym, put on your dancing shoes, or anything else that involves working up a sweat and having a great time.”

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