Mar 8th

Cali, SXSW, Bali

Starting with a handful of shows in Cali this week – we’re stoked to be making our return to Non Stop Bhangra in SF this Sat. They really don’t ever stop. You should check it out. Then we’re in Austin TX for SXSW – the biggest, messiest and funnest music conference/trade fair/boozefest that we’ve ever been to. Come check us out late night on Wed the 14th at the Copa. We’d love to see a familiar face in that distant land. And then… BALI! Words can’t describe how excited we are to be making our return to the Bali Spirit Fest for the second year in a row. Last year we were blown away with just about everything about the experience – the natural beauty, the people, the spirit of the island. If you’re anywhere in Asia at the end of March, don’t miss it!

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