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Delhi 2 Dublin destined for world domination
“It’s been a banner year for Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin. Famed for its incendiary live show, the multi-culti, genre-bending fivesome has been playing white-hot gigs the world over, including a headlining show at Dublin’s legendary Whelan’s Pub, sets at Birmingham’s Shambala Festival and a Canada Day showcase for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – as well as 300,000 other guests – at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.” — Uptown Mag

“The Vancouver-based collective combines dhol, fiddle and breakbeats in an Irish/Asian stew that is surprisingly varied, a marvellously wide-ranging and free-thinking concept.” — BBC

“The fans couldn’t get enough of their fusion style that is part Bollywood wedding, part Celtic kitchen party, and all electronic dance fest.” — The Snipe

“Did someone order a party?” — MTV Iggy

“The highlight of the night was a performance by a group called Delhi 2 Dublin. Imagine the energy and cultural fervour of a huge Indian wedding party colliding with a bunch of drunken Irishmen dancing on a wooden table with fiddles! Delhi 2 Dublin has created their own niche at the intersection of gritty hip hop and electronic beats, traditional Indian influences and that raw Celtic sound that packs a punch – all of which make you want to get up and dance.” — Evolving Music

“Delhi 2 Dublin’s highly-charged energy and fast-paced songs need to be on your next party mix.” — The Argosy

“They get an “A” for effort, and an “A+” for originality. It would be wacky enough if they just fused traditional Celtic music with Bhangra, a style of folk music from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. But no! These crazy kids—who are from Vancouver, of all places—decided to throw a little hip-hop, rock, reggae, dub and electronica into the mix, too. The results sound sort of the “Lord of the Dance” soundtrack as performed by Asian Dub Foundation and remixed by Fatboy Slim. Did that last sentence make any sense to you at all? Then we may have just found you your new favorite band!” —

“Delhi 2 Dublin played a sold-out show at Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre, the floor reportedly shook and there were reports from unsuspecting neighbors of earthquake-like tremors around the West End area.” The Uniter

“But when you hear the right combination of sounds – much like when you learned that that blue and yellow make green – something ignites. Take an electric sitar, a Celtic fiddle, electronic mixing and bilingual vocals and a new genre is born – this is Delhi 2 Dublin. And this species has fangs.” — The Rogue Valley Messenger

“Delhi 2 Dublin is the new sound of music. Blending east and west, electronic and acoustic, mainstream and underground, the five member D2D crew takes listeners on a wild and borderless trip with their global sounds. The band fuses the traditional sounds of tabla, dhol, fiddle, and sitar with cutting edge DJ aesthetics, to create a highly charged multi-cultural dance celebration.” — Oh Snap