Delhi 2 Dublin – Planet Electric
Published April 29, 2010 by Christine Leonard in CD Reviews

An impressive third outing from the East-meets-West sensation out of Vancouver, Planet Electric sparkles like a disco ball suspended over the Ganges River. Pairing rich bhangra beats and reggae vocals with surging electronic effects, this genre-melding collective offers its most dancefloor-worthy release to date. A shift away from the international caravan presented in Delhi 2 Dublin’s previous efforts, Planet Electric has a more glamorous bent; amping up the tabla rhythms with dynamic violin flourishes, cosmic synth samples and plenty of dub-soaked invocations of the spirit. The opener “Master Crowley” holds court, spinning a Sean Paul-calibre buzz over the crowd, a rapture in five-parts that gradually surrenders itself to the steel-drumversus Shanti ohm undulations of the sitar-laced skank “S.O.S.” Smashing borders and mashing styles like the new generation of musical revolutionaries it belongs to, Delhi 2 Dublin cleverly delivers the future shock of the Zen-tastic “Laughing Buddha” and the crazy Celtic-Bollywood reel of “Cabin Fever” in one all-encompassing breath.