Mar 13th

It’s all happening so fast

TumbiWOW music video teaser

NEW single off NEW album (release date August 25, 2015) has a NEW video coming out on St. Patty’s day! Peek the teaser. WOW!


Feb 18th

We’ve got a new album coming out!!!!

Yep you heard us!

New music. For the first time in over 2 years. And there’s a new single available right now. Get it when you pre-order the album from PledgeMusic! You’ll also get weekly updates, upcoming unreleased singles and videos, and access to hilarious stuff like, um, a ride in the Delhi 2 Dublin canoe. Yep, for real.



Delhi 2 Dublin on new single exclusively PledgeMusic

Get the new single now when you pre-order the album (release date: August 2015) over at Pledge.


Jan 22nd

It’s our 9th birthday


(#TBT to Oz, where it was just that hot backstage)

And look how much we’ve matured! Just like 9 years olds it’s a pants off dance off. Now come party! (Do we ask you to do that too much?!)

We will officially be 9 years old on March 15th 2015, playing back where this happy accident all began: CelticFest Vancouver ’06. The sound, starting as an electronic fusion between bhangra beats and Celtic fiddle, and has since grown into anything from dub reggae to breaks to just straight up happy dance music. And – we will be bringing out some brand new unreleased tracks that are being created for the upcoming album… Based on the reaction when we road-tested them in Australia last month, it’s gonna be good!

Doors at 7pm at The Imperial in Vancouver.
Opening the night will be the prodigiously talented piano, fiddle & step dancing duo, Troy MacGillivray and Kimberly Fraser.

Pre-sale tickets (recommended) can be purchased from Northern Tickets:

Nov 27th

You did it!

Thank you so much! Just a few nights ago we were devastated at the loss of 15K worth of gear stolen from our tour van. Now, with the help of all of you, we’re back on our feet and ready to rock! Not only are we okay, we are really really good. We’re filled with a deep sense of gratitude and awe at all of this: THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

CBC greycup article

Nov 22nd

Keep D2D rrrrrrrockin!

D2D indiegogo campaign

Our gear was stolen from our tour van outside of Oakland. Please help us raise funds to replace it!

Who knew our first crowd funding campaign would be for stolen gear?

We just finished such a fun show in Oakland, went to our hotel late at night, and got some much needed rest. We were woken up at 5am by the police, who had been called about several vehicle break ins in the area. Unfortunately our van was one of them! It’s heartbreaking. We lost 15K worth of gear. A really special guitar. A great violin. Tons of electronic gear. And all of our guitar and violin pedals. We’re in the middle of a tour in California, recording our next album, and are leaving on Xmas eve for our first 3 week tour in Australia. If there was ever a good time for this to happen it wouldn’t be now! If you can help please do, either by spreading the word or through a donation, everything helps at this point! xx D2D